Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Daily Bible in Chronological Order

This year I am reading through the Daily Bible in Chronological Order. I had a copy in print, but purchased the e-book for my Kindle. The newer printings and the e-book now have the 2011 New International Version text. I am not a fan of the newer text. However, I really like the chronological arrangement.

Reading the Old Testament in this way has been a delight. I have found myself taking it more personally. I was surprised by that aspect. I expected, and received, the blessing of understanding events in their historical order as well. But the personal conviction was a wonderful surprise. One advantage of reading a different translation (in this case an revised translation) is an added feeling of reading something new.

I also started using the notes feature of the Kindle. Typing on the small keyboard is a bit awkward. However, keeping track of things the Spirit has shown me is a great help. Currently, I am transferring those notes to a simple system I wrote for my computer. Once I finish reading this Bible, I won't use it for quite some time so it is important to save those notes.

I have been reading ahead a bit to allow some time at the end of the year to read a facsimile copy of William Tyndale's 1526 New Testament. I started reading it but it isn't convenient to carry with me to work right now.

Reading ahead means I am already into the New Testament. As usual, I was excited to start into the Gospels. But again, I was surprised. The Gospels are harmonized. That is, all four are combined into one historically organized text. Losing the special context of each Gospel writer flattened the experience for me. I found the resulting readings too rushed. And in some cases, the day's reading was too much. I would prefer reading smaller portions with more time for reflection.

In spite of some misgivings, I do recommend the Daily Bible in Chronological Order. The 1984 text is sometimes still available on Christian Book or as a used copy on Amazon. I much prefer the 1984 NIV. This Bible is an excellent way to read through the Old Testament. If the Gospel readings are split up, it would be a better read. I suspect that breaking the text up into one year's worth of reading forces some choices.

If you have never read through the Bible, there are many "One Year" Bibles available. Each day's reading is marked. Some go through in chronological order. Others give an Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and New Testament reading each day. I read before work and at break times. Usually I am done before lunch break is over. You can do it too! Why not read for yourself what God has said?